Glioma Prognosis: Segmentation of the Tumor and Survival Prediction using Shape, Geometric and Clinical Information

by   Mobarakol Islam, et al.

Segmentation of brain tumor from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a vital process to improve diagnosis, treatment planning and to study the difference between subjects with tumor and healthy subjects. In this paper, we exploit a convolutional neural network (CNN) with hypercolumn technique to segment tumor from healthy brain tissue. Hypercolumn is the concatenation of a set of vectors which form by extracting convolutional features from multiple layers. Proposed model integrates batch normalization (BN) approach with hypercolumn. BN layers help to alleviate the internal covariate shift during stochastic gradient descent (SGD) training by zero-mean and unit variance of each mini-batch. Survival Prediction is done by first extracting features(Geometric, Fractal, and Histogram) from the segmented brain tumor data. Then, the number of days of overall survival is predicted by implementing regression on the extracted features using an artificial neural network (ANN). Our model achieves a mean dice score of 89.78 enhancing tumor respectively in segmentation task and 67.90 survival prediction task with the validation set of BraTS 2018 challenge. It obtains a mean dice accuracy of 87.315 tumor core and enhancing tumor respectively in the segmentation task and a 46.80


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