Gotta Go Fast When Generating Data with Score-Based Models

Score-based (denoising diffusion) generative models have recently gained a lot of success in generating realistic and diverse data. These approaches define a forward diffusion process for transforming data to noise and generate data by reversing it (thereby going from noise to data). Unfortunately, current score-based models generate data very slowly due to the sheer number of score network evaluations required by numerical SDE solvers. In this work, we aim to accelerate this process by devising a more efficient SDE solver. Existing approaches rely on the Euler-Maruyama (EM) solver, which uses a fixed step size. We found that naively replacing it with other SDE solvers fares poorly - they either result in low-quality samples or become slower than EM. To get around this issue, we carefully devise an SDE solver with adaptive step sizes tailored to score-based generative models piece by piece. Our solver requires only two score function evaluations, rarely rejects samples, and leads to high-quality samples. Our approach generates data 2 to 10 times faster than EM while achieving better or equal sample quality. For high-resolution images, our method leads to significantly higher quality samples than all other methods tested. Our SDE solver has the benefit of requiring no step size tuning.


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