Grid Computing Model for Mobile: A Better Mobile Grid Computing Model

by   Robail Yasrab, et al.

Grid Computing is an idea of a new kind of network technology in which research work in progress. There is a great deal of hype in this technology based area for that reason it is getting a great deal of attention of the computing community. Grid Computing makes use of clusters of PCs (personal computers), network servers or other computing technology-based systems. These systems are connecting jointly to deal with complex calculations, communication and collaboration. Grid Computing offers a great deal of support for offering corporations to make use of their idle computing power, or systems processing cycles, to produce a type of supercomputer arrangement. The technology of grid computing has newly transferred from customary high performance plus distributed technology based computing systems to utility and pervasive based computing arrangements. These technology-based structures are having superior potentials of the wireless networks communication and collaboration as well as having thin, lightweight and remotely accessible devices. This has as produced the establishment new computing technology paradigm known as Mobile Grid Computing. This research is going to assess and analyze the grid computing and mobile computing technology based arrangements. Here I will assess the feasibility analysis of the mobile grid computing. This research will analyze the mapping of grid computing techniques on the mobile domain. In this scenario, I will assess how can, we achieve grid architecture in mobile devices. For the sake of implementing a mobile gird arrangement, I will analyze the existing grid computing models and discuss the design, implementation, architecture and its limitations. This research will also highlight the effect of grid computing on mobiles load balancing, high processing efficiency and less network communication.


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