Hierarchical Bayesian Bandits

by   Joey Hong, et al.

Meta-, multi-task, and federated learning can be all viewed as solving similar tasks, drawn from an unknown distribution that reflects task similarities. In this work, we provide a unified view of all these problems, as learning to act in a hierarchical Bayesian bandit. We analyze a natural hierarchical Thompson sampling algorithm (hierTS) that can be applied to any problem in this class. Our regret bounds hold under many instances of such problems, including when the tasks are solved sequentially or in parallel; and capture the structure of the problems, such that the regret decreases with the width of the task prior. Our proofs rely on novel total variance decompositions, which can be applied to other graphical model structures. Finally, our theory is complemented by experiments, which show that the hierarchical structure helps with knowledge sharing among the tasks. This confirms that hierarchical Bayesian bandits are a universal and statistically-efficient tool for learning to act with similar bandit tasks.


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