Horizontal Federated Learning and Secure Distributed Training for Recommendation System with Intel SGX

by   Siyuan Hui, et al.

With the advent of big data era and the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, data security and privacy protection have become more important. Recommendation systems have many applications in our society, but the model construction of recommendation systems is often inseparable from users' data. Especially for deep learning-based recommendation systems, due to the complexity of the model and the characteristics of deep learning itself, its training process not only requires long training time and abundant computational resources but also needs to use a large amount of user data, which poses a considerable challenge in terms of data security and privacy protection. How to train a distributed recommendation system while ensuring data security has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this paper, we implement two schemes, Horizontal Federated Learning and Secure Distributed Training, based on Intel SGX(Software Guard Extensions), an implementation of a trusted execution environment, and TensorFlow framework, to achieve secure, distributed recommendation system-based learning schemes in different scenarios. We experiment on the classical Deep Learning Recommendation Model (DLRM), which is a neural network-based machine learning model designed for personalization and recommendation, and the results show that our implementation introduces approximately no loss in model performance. The training speed is within acceptable limits.


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