IL-MCAM: An interactive learning and multi-channel attention mechanism-based weakly supervised colorectal histopathology image classification approach

by   Haoyuan Chen, et al.

In recent years, colorectal cancer has become one of the most significant diseases that endanger human health. Deep learning methods are increasingly important for the classification of colorectal histopathology images. However, existing approaches focus more on end-to-end automatic classification using computers rather than human-computer interaction. In this paper, we propose an IL-MCAM framework. It is based on attention mechanisms and interactive learning. The proposed IL-MCAM framework includes two stages: automatic learning (AL) and interactivity learning (IL). In the AL stage, a multi-channel attention mechanism model containing three different attention mechanism channels and convolutional neural networks is used to extract multi-channel features for classification. In the IL stage, the proposed IL-MCAM framework continuously adds misclassified images to the training set in an interactive approach, which improves the classification ability of the MCAM model. We carried out a comparison experiment on our dataset and an extended experiment on the HE-NCT-CRC-100K dataset to verify the performance of the proposed IL-MCAM framework, achieving classification accuracies of 98.98 respectively. In addition, we conducted an ablation experiment and an interchangeability experiment to verify the ability and interchangeability of the three channels. The experimental results show that the proposed IL-MCAM framework has excellent performance in the colorectal histopathological image classification tasks.


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