Improving Resources Management in Network Virtualization by Utilizing a Software-Based Network

by   Amir Javadpour, et al.

Network virtualization is a way to simultaneously run multiple heterogeneous architectures on a shared substrate. The main issue in network virtualization is mapping virtual networks to substrate network. How to manage substrate resources in mapping phase will have an effective role in improving the use of infrastructure resources. Using software-based networks in network virtualization which separates control logic from data as a new technology, has led to efficient resource management in this context. In this article a software-based network approach has been presented to network virtualization and manage infrastructure resources efficiently. It optimizes mapping function by dynamic resource management of infrastructure resource. We have added a module in the controller to manage the resources dynamically. An initial mapping will be done for arriving new requests based on number of successful requests and arriving time slots. They will not be finalized by writing the rules in the switches before arriving n requests. If some remapping during the n time window is needed, remapping can be done by the controller and the final results are sent to the switches to write the flow rules. The simulation has been done using NS2 simulator showed based on different evaluation criteria such as acceptance rate, average link utilization, cost and delay. Keywords: network virtualization, software based network, Virtual network mapping, substrate network, Virtual network.


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