Intercepting A Flying Target While Avoiding Moving Obstacles: A Unified Control Framework With Deep Manifold Learning

by   Apan Dastider, et al.

Real-time interception of a fast-moving object by a robotic arm in cluttered environments filled with static or dynamic obstacles permits only tens of milliseconds for reaction times, hence quite challenging and arduous for state-of-the-art robotic planning algorithms to perform multiple robotic skills, for instance, catching the dynamic object and avoiding obstacles, in parallel. This paper proposes an unified framework of robotic path planning through embedding the high-dimensional temporal information contained in the event stream to distinguish between safe and colliding trajectories into a low-dimension space manifested with a pre-constructed 2D densely connected graph. We then leverage a fast graph-traversing strategy to generate the motor commands necessary to effectively avoid the approaching obstacles while simultaneously intercepting a fast-moving objects. The most distinctive feature of our methodology is to conduct both object interception and obstacle avoidance within the same algorithm framework based on deep manifold learning. By leveraging a highly efficient diffusion-map based variational autoencoding and Extended Kalman Filter(EKF), we demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach on an autonomous 7-DoF robotic arm using only onboard sensing and computation. Our robotic manipulator was capable of avoiding multiple obstacles of different sizes and shapes while successfully capturing a fast-moving soft ball thrown by hand at normal speed in different angles. Complete video demonstrations of our experiments can be found in


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