Investigating Concerns of Security and Privacy Among Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia

by   Theodoros Georgiou, et al.

The security and privacy of refugee communities have emerged as pressing concerns in the context of increasing global migration. The Rohingya refugees are a stateless Muslim minority group in Myanmar who were forced to flee their homes after conflict broke out, with many fleeing to neighbouring countries and ending up in refugee camps, such as in Bangladesh. However, others migrated to Malaysia and those who arrive there live within the community as urban refugees. However, the Rohingya in Malaysia are not legally recognized and have limited and restricted access to public resources such as healthcare and education. This means they face security and privacy challenges, different to other refugee groups, which are often compounded by this lack of recognition, social isolation and lack of access to vital resources. This paper discusses the implications of security and privacy of the Rohingya refugees, focusing on available and accessible technological assistance, uncovering the heightened need for a human-centered approach to design and implementation of solutions that factor in these requirements. Overall, the discussions and findings presented in this paper on the security and privacy of the Rohingya provides a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners and policymakers in the wider HCI community.


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