IoV Scenario: Implementation of a Bandwidth Aware Algorithm in Wireless Network Communication Mode

by   Peiying Zhang, et al.

The wireless network communication mode represented by the Internet of vehicles (IoV) has been widely used. However, due to the limitations of traditional network architecture, resource scheduling in wireless network environment is still facing great challenges. This paper focuses on the allocation of bandwidth resources in the virtual network environment. This paper proposes a bandwidth aware multi domain virtual network embedding algorithm (BA-VNE). The algorithm is mainly aimed at the problem that users need a lot of bandwidth in wireless communication mode, and solves the problem of bandwidth resource allocation from the perspective of virtual network embedding (VNE). In order to improve the performance of the algorithm, we introduce particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to optimize the performance of the algorithm. In order to verify the effectiveness of the algorithm, we have carried out simulation experiments from link bandwidth, mapping cost and virtual network request (VNR) acceptance rate. The final results show that the proposed algorithm is better than other representative algorithms in the above indicators.


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