Joint Deployment and Multiple Access Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Networks

by   Xidong Mu, et al.

The fundamental intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) deployment problem is investigated for IRS-assisted networks, where one IRS is arranged to be deployed in a specific region for assisting the communication between an access point (AP) and multiple users. Specifically, three multiple access schemes are considered, namely non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), frequency division multiple access (FDMA), and time division multiple access (TDMA). The weighted sum rate maximization problem for joint optimization of the deployment location and the reflection coefficients of the IRS as well as the power allocation at the AP is formulated. The non-convex optimization problems obtained for NOMA and FDMA are solved by employing monotonic optimization and semidefinite relaxation to find a performance upper bound. The problem obtained for TDMA is optimally solved by leveraging the time-selective nature of the IRS. Furthermore, for all three multiple access schemes, low-complexity suboptimal algorithms are developed by exploiting alternating optimization and successive convex approximation techniques, where a local region optimization method is applied for optimizing the IRS deployment location. Numerical results are provided to show that: 1) near-optimal performance can be achieved by the proposed suboptimal algorithms; 2) asymmetric and symmetric IRS deployment strategies are preferable for NOMA and FDMA/TDMA, respectively; 3) the performance gain achieved with IRS can be significantly improved by optimizing the deployment location.


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