Learning Inertial Parameter Identification of Unknown Object with Humanoid Robot using Sim-to-Real Adaptation

by   Donghoon Baek, et al.

Understanding the dynamics of unknown object is crucial for collaborative robots including humanoids to more safely and accurately interact with humans. Most relevant literature leverage a force/torque sensor, prior knowledge of object, vision system, and a long-horizon trajectory which are often impractical. Moreover, these methods often entail solving non-linear optimization problem, sometimes yielding physically inconsistent results. In this work, we propose a fast learningbased inertial parameter estimation as more practical manner. We acquire a reliable dataset in a high-fidelity simulation and train a time-series data-driven regression model (e.g., LSTM) to estimate the inertial parameter of unknown objects. We also introduce a novel sim-to-real adaptation method combining Robot System Identification and Gaussian Processes to directly transfer the trained model to real-world application. We demonstrate our method with a 4-DOF single manipulator of physical wheeled humanoid robot, SATYRR. Results show that our method can identify the inertial parameters of various unknown objects faster and more accurately than conventional methods.


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