LocationSpark: In-memory Distributed Spatial Query Processing and Optimization

by   Mingjie Tang, et al.

Due to the ubiquity of spatial data applications and the large amounts of spatial data that these applications generate and process, there is a pressing need for scalable spatial query processing. In this paper, we present new techniques for spatial query processing and optimization in an in-memory and distributed setup to address scalability. More specifically, we introduce new techniques for handling query skew, which is common in practice, and optimize communication costs accordingly. We propose a distributed query scheduler that use a new cost model to optimize the cost of spatial query processing. The scheduler generates query execution plans that minimize the effect of query skew. The query scheduler employs new spatial indexing techniques based on bitmap filters to forward queries to the appropriate local nodes. Each local computation node is responsible for optimizing and selecting its best local query execution plan based on the indexes and the nature of the spatial queries in that node. All the proposed spatial query processing and optimization techniques are prototyped inside Spark, a distributed memory-based computation system. The experimental study is based on real datasets and demonstrates that distributed spatial query processing can be enhanced by up to an order of magnitude over existing in-memory and distributed spatial systems.


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