Machine Composition of Korean Music via Topological Data Analysis and Artificial Neural Network

by   Mai Lan Tran, et al.

Common AI music composition algorithms based on artificial neural networks are to train a machine by feeding a large number of music pieces and create artificial neural networks that can produce music similar to the input music data. This approach is a blackbox optimization, that is, the underlying composition algorithm is, in general, not known to users. In this paper, we present a way of machine composition that trains a machine the composition principle embedded in the given music data instead of directly feeding music pieces. We propose this approach by using the concept of Overlap matrix proposed in <cit.>. In <cit.>, a type of Korean music, so-called the Dodeuri music such as Suyeonjangjigok has been analyzed using topological data analysis (TDA), particularly using persistent homology. As the raw music data is not suitable for TDA analysis, the music data is first reconstructed as a graph. The node of the graph is defined as a two-dimensional vector composed of the pitch and duration of each music note. The edge between two nodes is created when those nodes appear consecutively in the music flow. Distance is defined based on the frequency of such appearances. Through TDA on the constructed graph, a unique set of cycles is found for the given music. In <cit.>, the new concept of the Overlap matrix has been proposed, which visualizes how those cycles are interconnected over the music flow, in a matrix form. In this paper, we explain how we use the Overlap matrix for machine composition. The Overlap matrix makes it possible to compose a new music piece algorithmically and also provide a seed music towards the desired artificial neural network. In this paper, we use the Dodeuri music and explain detailed steps.


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