MARL for Decentralized Electric Vehicle Charging Coordination with V2V Energy Exchange

by   Jiarong Fan, et al.
Monash University

Effective energy management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is critical to supporting the transport sector's sustainable energy transition. This paper addresses the EV charging coordination by considering vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) energy exchange as the flexibility to harness in EV charging stations. Moreover, this paper takes into account EV user experiences, such as charging satisfaction and fairness. We propose a Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) approach to coordinate EV charging with V2V energy exchange while considering uncertainties in the EV arrival time, energy price, and solar energy generation. The exploration capability of MARL is enhanced by introducing parameter noise into MARL's neural network models. Experimental results demonstrate the superior performance and scalability of our proposed method compared to traditional optimization baselines. The decentralized execution of the algorithm enables it to effectively deal with partial system faults in the charging station.


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