Masked-RPCA: Sparse and Low-rank Decomposition Under Overlaying Model and Application to Moving Object Detection

Foreground detection in a given video sequence is a pivotal step in many computer vision applications such as video surveillance system. Robust Principal Component Analysis (RPCA) performs low-rank and sparse decomposition and accomplishes such a task when the background is stationary and the foreground is dynamic and relatively small. A fundamental issue with RPCA is the assumption that the low-rank and sparse components are added at each element, whereas in reality, the moving foreground is overlaid on the background. We propose the representation via masked decomposition (i.e. an overlaying model) where each element either belongs to the low-rank or the sparse component, decided by a mask. We propose the Masked-RPCA algorithm to recover the mask and the low-rank components simultaneously, utilizing linearizing and alternating direction techniques. We further extend our formulation to be robust to dynamic changes in the background and enforce spatial connectivity in the foreground component. Our study shows significant improvement of the detected mask compared to post-processing on the sparse component obtained by other frameworks.


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