Merge: An Architecture for Interconnected Testbed Ecosystems

by   Ryan Goodfellow, et al.

In the cybersecurity research community, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for merging large numbers of heterogeneous resources and experimentation capabilities from disparate specialized testbeds into integrated experiments. The current landscape for cyber-experimentation is diverse, encompassing many fields including critical infrastructure, enterprise IT, cyber-physical systems, cellular networks, automotive platforms, IoT and industrial control systems. Existing federated testbeds are constricted in design to predefined domains of applicability, lacking the systematic ability to integrate the burgeoning number of heterogeneous devices or tools that enable their effective use for experimentation. We have developed the Merge architecture to dynamically integrate disparate testbeds in a logically centralized way that allows researchers to effectively discover, and use the resources and capabilities provided the by evolving ecosystem of distributed testbeds for the development of rigorous and high-fidelity cybersecurity experiments.


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