Mix Match: Towards Omitting Modelling Through In-Situ Alteration and Remixing of Model Repository Artifacts in Mixed Reality

by   Evgeny Stemasov, et al.

The accessibility of tools to model artifacts is one of the core driving factors for the adoption of Personal Fabrication. Subsequently, model repositories like Thingiverse became important tools in (novice) makers' processes. They allow them to shorten or even omit the design process, offloading a majority of the effort to other parties. However, steps like measurement of surrounding constraints (e.g., clearance) which exist only inside the users' environment, can not be similarly outsourced. We propose Mix Match a mixed-reality-based system which allows users to browse model repositories, preview the models in-situ, and adapt them to their environment in a simple and immediate fashion. Mix Match aims to provide users with CSG operations which can be based on both virtual and real geometry. We present interaction patterns and scenarios for Mix Match, arguing for the combination of mixed reality and model repositories. This enables almost modelling-free personal fabrication for both novices and expert makers.


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