Mobile Data Science: Towards Understanding Data-Driven Intelligent Mobile Applications

by   Iqbal H. Sarker, et al.

Due to the popularity of smart mobile phones and context-aware technology, various contextual data relevant to users' diverse activities with mobile phones is available around us. This enables the study on mobile phone data and context-awareness in computing, for the purpose of building data-driven intelligent mobile applications, not only on a single device but also in a distributed environment for the benefit of end users. Based on the availability of mobile phone data, and the usefulness of data-driven applications, in this paper, we discuss about mobile data science that involves in collecting the mobile phone data from various sources and building data-driven models using machine learning techniques, in order to make dynamic decisions intelligently in various day-to-day situations of the users. For this, we first discuss the fundamental concepts and the potentiality of mobile data science to build intelligent applications. We also highlight the key elements and explain various key modules involving in the process of mobile data science. This article is the first in the field to draw a big picture, and thinking about mobile data science, and it's potentiality in developing various data-driven intelligent mobile applications. We believe this study will help both the researchers and application developers for building smart data-driven mobile applications, to assist the end mobile phone users in their daily activities.


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