MSMDFusion: Fusing LiDAR and Camera at Multiple Scales with Multi-Depth Seeds for 3D Object Detection

by   Yang Jiao, et al.

Fusing LiDAR and camera information is essential for achieving accurate and reliable 3D object detection in autonomous driving systems. However, this is challenging due to the difficulty of combining multi-granularity geometric and semantic features from two drastically different modalities. Recent approaches aim at exploring the semantic densities of camera features through lifting points in 2D camera images (referred to as seeds) into 3D space for fusion, and they can be roughly divided into 1) early fusion of raw points that aims at augmenting the 3D point cloud at the early input stage, and 2) late fusion of BEV (bird-eye view) maps that merges LiDAR and camera BEV features before the detection head. While both have their merits in enhancing the representation power of the combined features, this single-level fusion strategy is a suboptimal solution to the aforementioned challenge. Their major drawbacks are the inability to interact the multi-granularity semantic features from two distinct modalities sufficiently. To this end, we propose a novel framework that focuses on the multi-scale progressive interaction of the multi-granularity LiDAR and camera features. Our proposed method, abbreviated as MDMSFusion, achieves state-of-the-art results in 3D object detection, with 69.1 mAP and 71.8 NDS on nuScenes validation set, and 70.8 mAP and 73.2 NDS on nuScenes test set, which rank 1st and 2nd respectively among single-model non-ensemble approaches by the time of submission.


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