mt5b3: A Framework for Building AutonomousTraders

Autonomous trading robots have been studied in ar-tificial intelligence area for quite some time. Many AI techniqueshave been tested in finance field including recent approaches likeconvolutional neural networks and deep reinforcement learning.There are many reported cases, where the developers are suc-cessful in creating robots with great performance when executingwith historical price series, so called backtesting. However, whenthese robots are used in real markets or data not used intheir training or evaluation frequently they present very poorperformance in terms of risks and return. In this paper, wediscussed some fundamental aspects of modelling autonomoustraders and the complex environment that is the financialworld. Furthermore, we presented a framework that helps thedevelopment and testing of autonomous traders. It may also beused in real or simulated operation in financial markets. Finally,we discussed some open problems in the area and pointed outsome interesting technologies that may contribute to advancein such task. We believe that mt5b3 may also contribute todevelopment of new autonomous traders.


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