Multi-Agent Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning

by   Lantao Yu, et al.

Reinforcement learning agents are prone to undesired behaviors due to reward mis-specification. Finding a set of reward functions to properly guide agent behaviors is particularly challenging in multi-agent scenarios. Inverse reinforcement learning provides a framework to automatically acquire suitable reward functions from expert demonstrations. Its extension to multi-agent settings, however, is difficult due to the more complex notions of rational behaviors. In this paper, we propose MA-AIRL, a new framework for multi-agent inverse reinforcement learning, which is effective and scalable for Markov games with high-dimensional state-action space and unknown dynamics. We derive our algorithm based on a new solution concept and maximum pseudolikelihood estimation within an adversarial reward learning framework. In the experiments, we demonstrate that MA-AIRL can recover reward functions that are highly correlated with ground truth ones, and significantly outperforms prior methods in terms of policy imitation.


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