Multi Layer Sparse Coding: the Holistic Way

by   Aviad Aberdam, et al.

The recently proposed multi-layer sparse model has raised insightful connections between sparse representations and convolutional neural networks (CNN). In its original conception, this model was restricted to a cascade of convolutional synthesis representations. In this paper, we start by addressing a more general model, revealing interesting ties to fully connected networks. We then show that this multi-layer construction admits a brand new interpretation in a unique symbiosis between synthesis and analysis models: while the deepest layer indeed provides a synthesis representation, the mid-layers decompositions provide an analysis counterpart. This new perspective exposes the suboptimality of previously proposed pursuit approaches, as they do not fully leverage all the information comprised in the model constraints. Armed with this understanding, we address fundamental theoretical issues, revisiting previous analysis and expanding it. Motivated by the limitations of previous algorithms, we then propose an integrated - holistic - alternative that estimates all representations in the model simultaneously, and analyze all these different schemes under stochastic noise assumptions. Inspired by the synthesis-analysis duality, we further present a Holistic Pursuit algorithm, which alternates between synthesis and analysis sparse coding steps, eventually solving for the entire model as a whole, with provable improved performance. Finally, we present numerical results that demonstrate the practical advantages of our approach.


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