Multi-view Clustering with the Cooperation of Visible and Hidden Views

by   Zhaohong Deng, et al.

Multi-view data are becoming common in real-world modeling tasks and many multi-view data clustering algorithms have thus been proposed. The existing algorithms usually focus on the cooperation of different views in the original space but neglect the influence of the hidden information among these different visible views, or they only consider the hidden information between the views. The algorithms are therefore not efficient since the available information is not fully excavated, particularly the otherness information in different views and the consistency information between them. In practice, the otherness and consistency information in multi-view data are both very useful for effective clustering analyses. In this study, a Multi-View clustering algorithm developed with the Cooperation of Visible and Hidden views, i.e., MV-Co-VH, is proposed. The MV-Co-VH algorithm first projects the multiple views from different visible spaces to the common hidden space by using the non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) strategy to obtain the common hidden view data. Collaborative learning is then implemented in the clustering procedure based on the visible views and the shared hidden view. The results of extensive experiments on UCI multi-view datasets and real-world image multi-view datasets show that the clustering performance of the proposed algorithm is competitive with or even better than that of the existing algorithms.


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