Networked Time Series Prediction with Incomplete Data

by   Yichen Zhu, et al.

A networked time series (NETS) is a family of time series on a given graph, one for each node. It has found a wide range of applications from intelligent transportation, environment monitoring to mobile network management. An important task in such applications is to predict the future values of a NETS based on its historical values and the underlying graph. Most existing methods require complete data for training. However, in real-world scenarios, it is not uncommon to have missing data due to sensor malfunction, incomplete sensing coverage, etc. In this paper, we study the problem of NETS prediction with incomplete data. We propose NETS-ImpGAN, a novel deep learning framework that can be trained on incomplete data with missing values in both history and future. Furthermore, we propose novel Graph Temporal Attention Networks by incorporating the attention mechanism to capture both inter-time series correlations and temporal correlations. We conduct extensive experiments on three real-world datasets under different missing patterns and missing rates. The experimental results show that NETS-ImpGAN outperforms existing methods except when data exhibit very low variance, in which case NETS-ImpGAN still achieves competitive performance.


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