Novel Force Estimation-based Bilateral Teleoperation applying Type-2 Fuzzy logic and Moving Horizon Estimation

by   Qianfang Liao, et al.

This paper develops a novel force observer for bilateral teleoperation systems. Type-2 fuzzy logic is used to describe the overall dynamic system, and Moving Horizon Estimation (MHE) is employed to assess clean states as well as the values of dynamic uncertainties, and simultaneously filter out the measurement noises, which guarantee the high degree of accuracy for the observed forces. Compared with the existing methods, the proposed force observer can run without knowing exact mathematical dynamic functions and is robust to different kinds of noises. A force-reflection four-channel teleoperation control laws is also proposed that involving the observed environmental and human force to provide the highly accurate force tracking between the master and the slave in the presence of time delays. Finally, experiments based on two haptic devices demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method through the comparisons with multiple state-to-the-art force observers.


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