NPE: An FPGA-based Overlay Processor for Natural Language Processing

by   Hamza Khan, et al.

In recent years, transformer-based models have shown state-of-the-art results for Natural Language Processing (NLP). In particular, the introduction of the BERT language model brought with it breakthroughs in tasks such as question answering and natural language inference, advancing applications that allow humans to interact naturally with embedded devices. FPGA-based overlay processors have been shown as effective solutions for edge image and video processing applications, which mostly rely on low precision linear matrix operations. In contrast, transformer-based NLP techniques employ a variety of higher precision nonlinear operations with significantly higher frequency. We present NPE, an FPGA-based overlay processor that can efficiently execute a variety of NLP models. NPE offers software-like programmability to the end user and, unlike FPGA designs that implement specialized accelerators for each nonlinear function, can be upgraded for future NLP models without requiring reconfiguration. We demonstrate that NPE can meet real-time conversational AI latency targets for the BERT language model with 4× lower power than CPUs and 6× lower power than GPUs. We also show NPE uses 3× fewer FPGA resources relative to comparable BERT network-specific accelerators in the literature. NPE provides a cost-effective and power-efficient FPGA-based solution for Natural Language Processing at the edge.


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