NUBO: A Transparent Python Package for Bayesian Optimisation

by   Mike Diessner, et al.

NUBO, short for Newcastle University Bayesian Optimisation, is a Bayesian optimisation framework for the optimisation of expensive-to-evaluate black-box functions, such as physical experiments and computer simulators. Bayesian optimisation is a cost-efficient optimisation strategy that uses surrogate modelling via Gaussian processes to represent an objective function and acquisition functions to guide the selection of candidate points to approximate the global optimum of the objective function. NUBO itself focuses on transparency and user experience to make Bayesian optimisation easily accessible to researchers from all disciplines. Clean and understandable code, precise references, and thorough documentation ensure transparency, while user experience is ensured by a modular and flexible design, easy-to-write syntax, and careful selection of Bayesian optimisation algorithms. NUBO allows users to tailor Bayesian optimisation to their specific problem by writing the optimisation loop themselves using the provided building blocks. It supports sequential single-point, parallel multi-point, and asynchronous optimisation of bounded, constrained, and/or mixed (discrete and continuous) parameter input spaces. Only algorithms and methods that are extensively tested and validated to perform well are included in NUBO. This ensures that the package remains compact and does not overwhelm the user with an unnecessarily large number of options. The package is written in Python but does not require expert knowledge of Python to optimise your simulators and experiments. NUBO is distributed as open-source software under the BSD 3-Clause licence.


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