Numerical Studies of a Hemivariational Inequality for a Viscoelastic Contact Problem with Damage

by   Weimin Han, et al.
The University of Iowa
Jagiellonian University

This paper is devoted to the study of a hemivariational inequality modeling the quasistatic bilateral frictional contact between a viscoelastic body and a rigid foundation. The damage effect is built into the model through a parabolic differential inclusion for the damage function. A solution existence and uniqueness result is presented. A fully discrete scheme is introduced with the time derivative of the damage function approximated by the backward finite different and the spatial derivatives approximated by finite elements. An optimal order error estimate is derived for the fully discrete scheme when linear elements are used for the velocity and displacement variables, and piecewise constants are used for the damage function. Simulation results on numerical examples are reported illustrating the performance of the fully discrete scheme and the theoretically predicted convergence orders.


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