Object Level Depth Reconstruction for Category Level 6D Object Pose Estimation From Monocular RGB Image

by   Zhaoxin Fan, et al.
Renmin University of China
Nanjing University
Tsinghua University

Recently, RGBD-based category-level 6D object pose estimation has achieved promising improvement in performance, however, the requirement of depth information prohibits broader applications. In order to relieve this problem, this paper proposes a novel approach named Object Level Depth reconstruction Network (OLD-Net) taking only RGB images as input for category-level 6D object pose estimation. We propose to directly predict object-level depth from a monocular RGB image by deforming the category-level shape prior into object-level depth and the canonical NOCS representation. Two novel modules named Normalized Global Position Hints (NGPH) and Shape-aware Decoupled Depth Reconstruction (SDDR) module are introduced to learn high fidelity object-level depth and delicate shape representations. At last, the 6D object pose is solved by aligning the predicted canonical representation with the back-projected object-level depth. Extensive experiments on the challenging CAMERA25 and REAL275 datasets indicate that our model, though simple, achieves state-of-the-art performance.


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