On Learning Paradigms for the Travelling Salesman Problem

by   Chaitanya K. Joshi, et al.

We explore the impact of learning paradigms on training deep neural networks for the Travelling Salesman Problem. We design controlled experiments to train supervised learning (SL) and reinforcement learning (RL) models on fixed graph sizes up to 100 nodes, and evaluate them on variable sized graphs up to 500 nodes. Beyond not needing labelled data, out results reveal favorable properties of RL over SL: RL training leads to better emergent generalization to variable graph sizes and is a key component for learning scale-invariant solvers for novel combinatorial problems.


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Code Repositories


Code for the paper 'An Efficient Graph Convolutional Network Technique for the Travelling Salesman Problem' (INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019)

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Code for the paper 'On Learning Paradigms for the Travelling Salesman Problem' (NeurIPS 2019 Graph Representation Learning Workshop)

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