Optimal-margin evolutionary classifier

by   Mohammad Reza Bonyadi, et al.

We introduce a novel approach for discriminative classification using evolutionary algorithms. We first propose an algorithm to optimize the total loss value using a modified 0-1 loss function in a one-dimensional space for classification. We then extend this algorithm for multi-dimensional classification using an evolutionary algorithm. The proposed evolutionary algorithm aims to find a hyperplane which best classifies instances while minimizes the classification risk. We test particle swarm optimization, evolutionary strategy, and covariance matrix adaptation evolutionary strategy for optimization purpose. Finally, we compare our results with well-established and state-of-the-art classification algorithms, for both binary and multi-class classification, on 19 benchmark classification problems, with and without noise and outliers. Results show that the performance of the proposed algorithm is significantly (t-test) better than all other methods in almost all problems tested. We also show that the proposed algorithm is significantly more robust against noise and outliers comparing to other methods. The running time of the algorithm is within a reasonable range for the solution of real-world classification problems.


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