OTFS Based Receiver Scheme With Multi-Antennas in High-Mobility V2X Systems

by   Junqiang Cheng, et al.

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is considered as one of the most important applications of future wireless communication networks. However, the Doppler effect caused by the vehicle mobility may seriously deteriorate the performance of the vehicular communication links, especially when the channels exhibit a large number of Doppler frequency offsets (DFOs). Orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) is a new waveform designed in the delay-Doppler domain, and can effectively convert a doubly dispersive channel into an almost non-fading channel, which makes it very attractive for V2X communications. In this paper, we design a novel OTFS based receiver with multi-antennas to deal with the high-mobility challenges in V2X systems. We show that the multiple DFOs associated with multipaths can be separated with the high-spatial resolution provided by multi-antennas, which leads to an enhanced sparsity of the OTFS channel in the delay-Doppler domain and bears a potential to reduce the complexity of the message passing (MP) detection algorithm. Based on this observation, we further propose a joint MP-maximum ration combining (MRC) iterative detection for OTFS, where the integration of MRC significantly improves the convergence performance of the iteration and gains an excellent system error performance. Finally, we provide numerical simulation results to corroborate the superiorities of the proposed scheme.


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