Overfreezing Meets Overparameterization: A Double Descent Perspective on Transfer Learning of Deep Neural Networks

by   Yehuda Dar, et al.

We study the generalization behavior of transfer learning of deep neural networks (DNNs). We adopt the overparameterization perspective – featuring interpolation of the training data (i.e., approximately zero train error) and the double descent phenomenon – to explain the delicate effect of the transfer learning setting on generalization performance. We study how the generalization behavior of transfer learning is affected by the dataset size in the source and target tasks, the number of transferred layers that are kept frozen in the target DNN training, and the similarity between the source and target tasks. We show that the test error evolution during the target DNN training has a more significant double descent effect when the target training dataset is sufficiently large with some label noise. In addition, a larger source training dataset can delay the arrival to interpolation and double descent peak in the target DNN training. Moreover, we demonstrate that the number of frozen layers can determine whether the transfer learning is effectively underparameterized or overparameterized and, in turn, this may affect the relative success or failure of learning. Specifically, we show that too many frozen layers may make a transfer from a less related source task better or on par with a transfer from a more related source task; we call this case overfreezing. We establish our results using image classification experiments with the residual network (ResNet) and vision transformer (ViT) architectures.


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