Palm-GAN: Generating Realistic Palmprint Images Using Total-Variation Regularized GAN

by   Shervin Minaee, et al.

Generating realistic palmprint (more generally biometric) images has always been an interesting and, at the same time, challenging problem. Classical statistical models fail to generate realistic-looking palmprint images, as they are not powerful enough to capture the complicated texture representation of palmprint images. In this work, we present a deep learning framework based on generative adversarial networks (GAN), which is able to generate realistic palmprint images. To help the model learn more realistic images, we proposed to add a suitable regularization to the loss function, which imposes the line connectivity of generated palmprint images. This is very desirable for palmprints, as the principal lines in palm are usually connected. We apply this framework to a popular palmprint databases, and generate images which look very realistic, and similar to the samples in this database. Through experimental results, we show that the generated palmprint images look very realistic, have a good diversity, and are able to capture different parts of the prior distribution. We also report the Frechet Inception distance (FID) of the proposed model, and show that our model is able to achieve really good quantitative performance in terms of FID score.


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