Path Generation for Wheeled Robots Autonomous Navigation on Vegetated Terrain

by   Zhuozhu Jian, et al.

Wheeled robot navigation has been widely used in urban environments, but little research has been conducted on its navigation in wild vegetation. External sensors (LiDAR, camera etc.) are often used to construct point cloud map of the surrounding environment, however, the supporting rigid ground used for travelling cannot be detected due to the occlusion of vegetation. This often causes unsafe or not smooth path during planning process. To address the drawback, we propose the PE-RRT* algorithm, which effectively combines a novel support plane estimation method and sampling algorithm to generate real-time feasible and safe path in vegetation environments. In order to accurately estimate the support plane, we combine external perception and proprioception, and use Multivariate Gaussian Processe Regression (MV-GPR) to estimate the terrain at the sampling nodes. We build a physical experimental platform and conduct experiments in different outdoor environments. Experimental results show that our method has high safety, robustness and generalization.


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