Performance Analysis on Evolutionary Algorithms for the Minimum Label Spanning Tree Problem

by   Xinsheng Lai, et al.
South China University of Technology International Student Union

Some experimental investigations have shown that evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are efficient for the minimum label spanning tree (MLST) problem. However, we know little about that in theory. As one step towards this issue, we theoretically analyze the performances of the (1+1) EA, a simple version of EAs, and a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm called GSEMO on the MLST problem. We reveal that for the MLST_b problem the (1+1) EA and GSEMO achieve a b+1/2-approximation ratio in expected polynomial times of n the number of nodes and k the number of labels. We also show that GSEMO achieves a (2ln(n))-approximation ratio for the MLST problem in expected polynomial time of n and k. At the same time, we show that the (1+1) EA and GSEMO outperform local search algorithms on three instances of the MLST problem. We also construct an instance on which GSEMO outperforms the (1+1) EA.


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