Physical Inertial Poser (PIP): Physics-aware Real-time Human Motion Tracking from Sparse Inertial Sensors

by   Xinyu Yi, et al.

Motion capture from sparse inertial sensors has shown great potential compared to image-based approaches since occlusions do not lead to a reduced tracking quality and the recording space is not restricted to be within the viewing frustum of the camera. However, capturing the motion and global position only from a sparse set of inertial sensors is inherently ambiguous and challenging. In consequence, recent state-of-the-art methods can barely handle very long period motions, and unrealistic artifacts are common due to the unawareness of physical constraints. To this end, we present the first method which combines a neural kinematics estimator and a physics-aware motion optimizer to track body motions with only 6 inertial sensors. The kinematics module first regresses the motion status as a reference, and then the physics module refines the motion to satisfy the physical constraints. Experiments demonstrate a clear improvement over the state of the art in terms of capture accuracy, temporal stability, and physical correctness.


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