Point cloud ridge-valley feature enhancement based on position and normal guidance

by   Jianhui Nie, et al.

Ridge-valley features are important elements of point clouds, as they contain rich surface information. To recognize these features from point clouds, this paper introduces an extreme point distance (EPD) criterion with scale independence. Compared with traditional methods, the EPD greatly reduces the number of potential feature points and improves the robustness of multiscale feature point recognition. On this basis, a feature enhancement algorithm based on user priori guidance is proposed that adjusts the coordinates of the feature area by solving an objective equation containing the expected position and normal constraints. Since the expected normal can be expressed as a function of neighborhood point coordinates, the above objective equation can be converted into linear sparse equations with enhanced feature positions as variables, and thus, the closed solution can be obtained. In addition, a parameterization method for scattered point clouds based on feature line guidance is proposed, which reduces the number of unknowns by 2/3 and eliminates lateral sliding in the direction perpendicular to feature lines. Finally, the application of the algorithm in multiscale ridge-valley feature recognition, freeform surface feature enhancement and computer-aided design (CAD) workpiece sharp feature restoration verifies its effectiveness.


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