Practical and Secure Federated Recommendation with Personalized Masks

by   Liu Yang, et al.

Federated recommendation is a new notion of private distributed recommender systems. It aims to address the data silo and privacy problems altogether. Current federated recommender systems mainly utilize homomorphic encryption and differential privacy methods to protect the intermediate computational results. However, the former comes with extra communication and computation costs, the latter damages model accuracy. Neither of them could simultaneously satisfy the real-time feedback and accurate personalization requirements of recommender systems. In this paper, we proposed a new federated recommendation framework, named federated masked matrix factorization. Federated masked matrix factorization could protect the data privacy in federated recommender systems without sacrificing efficiency or efficacy. Instead of using homomorphic encryption and differential privacy, we utilize the secret sharing technique to incorporate the secure aggregation process of federated matrix factorization. Compared with homomorphic encryption, secret sharing largely speeds up the whole training process. In addition, we introduce a new idea of personalized masks and apply it in the proposed federated masked matrix factorization framework. On the one hand, personalized masks could further improve efficiency. On the other hand, personalized masks also benefit efficacy. Empirically, we show the superiority of the designed model on different real-world data sets. Besides, we also provide the privacy guarantee and discuss the extension of the personalized mask method to the general federated learning tasks.


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