Practical Recommendations for Replay-based Continual Learning Methods

by   Gabriele Merlin, et al.

Continual Learning requires the model to learn from a stream of dynamic, non-stationary data without forgetting previous knowledge. Several approaches have been developed in the literature to tackle the Continual Learning challenge. Among them, Replay approaches have empirically proved to be the most effective ones. Replay operates by saving some samples in memory which are then used to rehearse knowledge during training in subsequent tasks. However, an extensive comparison and deeper understanding of different replay implementation subtleties is still missing in the literature. The aim of this work is to compare and analyze existing replay-based strategies and provide practical recommendations on developing efficient, effective and generally applicable replay-based strategies. In particular, we investigate the role of the memory size value, different weighting policies and discuss about the impact of data augmentation, which allows reaching better performance with lower memory sizes.


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