Privacy-Preserving Analytics on Decentralized Social Graphs: The Case of Eigendecomposition

by   Songlei Wang, et al.

Analytics over social graphs allows to extract valuable knowledge and insights for many fields like community detection, fraud detection, and interest mining. In practice, decentralized social graphs frequently arise, where the social graph is not available to a single entity and is decentralized among a large number of users, each holding only a limited local view about the whole graph. Collecting the local views for analytics of decentralized social graphs raises critical privacy concerns, as they encode private information about the social interactions among individuals. In this paper, we design, implement, and evaluate PrivGED, a new system aimed at privacy-preserving analytics over decentralized social graphs. PrivGED focuses on the support for eigendecomposition, one popular and fundamental graph analytics task producing eigenvalues/eigenvectors over the adjacency matrix of a social graph and benefits various practical applications. PrivGED is built from a delicate synergy of insights on graph analytics, lightweight cryptography, and differential privacy, allowing users to securely contribute their local views on a decentralized social graph for a cloud-based eigendecomposition analytics service while gaining strong privacy protection. Extensive experiments over real-world social graph datasets demonstrate that PrivGED achieves accuracy comparable to the plaintext domain, with practically affordable performance superior to prior art.


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