ProSFDA: Prompt Learning based Source-free Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation

by   Shishuai Hu, et al.

The domain discrepancy existed between medical images acquired in different situations renders a major hurdle in deploying pre-trained medical image segmentation models for clinical use. Since it is less possible to distribute training data with the pre-trained model due to the huge data size and privacy concern, source-free unsupervised domain adaptation (SFDA) has recently been increasingly studied based on either pseudo labels or prior knowledge. However, the image features and probability maps used by pseudo label-based SFDA and the consistent prior assumption and the prior prediction network used by prior-guided SFDA may become less reliable when the domain discrepancy is large. In this paper, we propose a Prompt learning based SFDA (ProSFDA) method for medical image segmentation, which aims to improve the quality of domain adaption by minimizing explicitly the domain discrepancy. Specifically, in the prompt learning stage, we estimate source-domain images via adding a domain-aware prompt to target-domain images, then optimize the prompt via minimizing the statistic alignment loss, and thereby prompt the source model to generate reliable predictions on (altered) target-domain images. In the feature alignment stage, we also align the features of target-domain images and their styles-augmented counterparts to optimize the source model, and hence push the model to extract compact features. We evaluate our ProSFDA on two multi-domain medical image segmentation benchmarks. Our results indicate that the proposed ProSFDA outperforms substantially other SFDA methods and is even comparable to UDA methods. Code will be available at <>.


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