Rapid feasibility assessment of components formed through hot stamping: A deep learning approach

by   Hamid Reza Attar, et al.

The novel non-isothermal Hot Forming and cold die Quenching (HFQ) process can enable the cost-effective production of complex shaped, high strength aluminium alloy panel components. However, the unfamiliarity of designing for the new process prevents its widescale adoption in industrial settings. Recent research efforts focus on the development of advanced material models for finite element simulations, used to assess the feasibility of new component designs for the HFQ process. However, FE simulations take place late in design processes, require forming process expertise and are unsuitable for early-stage design explorations. To address these limitations, this study presents a novel application of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based surrogate as a means of rapid manufacturing feasibility assessment for components to be formed using the HFQ process. A diverse dataset containing variations in component geometry, blank shapes, and processing parameters, together with corresponding physical fields is generated and used to train the model. The results show that near indistinguishable full field predictions are obtained in real time from the model when compared with HFQ simulations. This technique provides an invaluable tool to aid component design and decision making at the onset of a design process for complex-shaped components formed under HFQ conditions.


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