RASEC: Rescaling Acquisition Strategy with Energy Constraints under SE-OU Fusion Kernel for Active Trachea Palpation and Incision Recommendation in Laryngeal Region

by   Wenchao Yue, et al.

A novel palpation-based incision detection strategy in the laryngeal region, potentially for robotic tracheotomy, is proposed in this letter. A tactile sensor is introduced to measure tissue hardness in the specific laryngeal region by gentle contact. The kernel fusion method is proposed to combine the Squared Exponential (SE) kernel with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) kernel to figure out the drawbacks that the existing kernel functions are not sufficiently optimal in this scenario. Moreover, we further regularize exploration factor and greed factor, and the tactile sensor's moving distance and the robotic base link's rotation angle during the incision localization process are considered as new factors in the acquisition strategy. We conducted simulation and physical experiments to compare the newly proposed algorithm - Rescaling Acquisition Strategy with Energy Constraints (RASEC) in trachea detection with current palpation-based acquisition strategies. The result indicates that the proposed acquisition strategy with fusion kernel can successfully localize the incision with the highest algorithm performance (Average Precision 0.932, Average Recall 0.973, Average F1 score 0.952). During the robotic palpation process, the cumulative moving distance is reduced by 50 rotation angle is reduced by 71.4 performance capabilities. Therefore, it proves that RASEC can efficiently suggest the incision zone in the laryngeal region and greatly reduced the energy loss.


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