Re-presenting a Story by Emotional Factors using Sentimental Analysis Method

by   Hwiyeol Jo, et al.

Remembering an event is affected by personal emotional status. We examined the psychological status and personal factors; depression (Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression, Radloff, 1977), present affective (Positive Affective and Negative Affective Schedule, Watson et al., 1988), life orient (Life Orient Test, Scheier & Carver, 1985), self-awareness (Core Self Evaluation Scale, Judge et al., 2003), and social factor (Social Support, Sarason et al., 1983) of undergraduate students (N=64) and got summaries of a story, Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1981) from them. We implement a sentimental analysis model based on convolutional neural network (LeCun & Bengio, 1995) to evaluate each summary. From the same vein used for transfer learning (Pan & Yang, 2010), we collected 38,265 movie review data to train the model and then use them to score summaries of each student. The results of CES-D and PANAS show the relationship between emotion and memory retrieval as follows: depressed people have shown a tendency of representing a story more negatively, and they seemed less expressive. People with full of emotion - high in PANAS - have retrieved their memory more expressively than others, using more negative words then others. The contributions of this study can be summarized as follows: First, lightening the relationship between emotion and its effect during times of storing or retrieving a memory. Second, suggesting objective methods to evaluate the intensity of emotion in natural language format, using a sentimental analysis model.


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