Reasoning over Multi-view Knowledge Graphs

by   Zhaohan Xi, et al.

Recently, knowledge representation learning (KRL) is emerging as the state-of-the-art approach to process queries over knowledge graphs (KGs), wherein KG entities and the query are embedded into a latent space such that entities that answer the query are embedded close to the query. Yet, despite the intensive research on KRL, most existing studies either focus on homogenous KGs or assume KG completion tasks (i.e., inference of missing facts), while answering complex logical queries over KGs with multiple aspects (multi-view KGs) remains an open challenge. To bridge this gap, in this paper, we present ROMA, a novel KRL framework for answering logical queries over multi-view KGs. Compared with the prior work, ROMA departs in major aspects. (i) It models a multi-view KG as a set of overlaying sub-KGs, each corresponding to one view, which subsumes many types of KGs studied in the literature (e.g., temporal KGs). (ii) It supports complex logical queries with varying relation and view constraints (e.g., with complex topology and/or from multiple views); (iii) It scales up to KGs of large sizes (e.g., millions of facts) and fine-granular views (e.g., dozens of views); (iv) It generalizes to query structures and KG views that are unobserved during training. Extensive empirical evaluation on real-world KGs shows that significantly outperforms alternative methods.


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