Reconstruction-Aware Prior Distillation for Semi-supervised Point Cloud Completion

by   Zhaoxin Fan, et al.
Renmin University of China
Tsinghua University

Point clouds scanned by real-world sensors are always incomplete, irregular, and noisy, making the point cloud completion task become increasingly more important. Though many point cloud completion methods have been proposed, most of them require a large number of paired complete-incomplete point clouds for training, which is labor exhausted. In contrast, this paper proposes a novel Reconstruction-Aware Prior Distillation semi-supervised point cloud completion method named RaPD, which takes advantage of a two-stage training scheme to reduce the dependence on a large-scale paired dataset. In training stage 1, the so-called deep semantic prior is learned from both unpaired complete and unpaired incomplete point clouds using a reconstruction-aware pretraining process. While in training stage 2, we introduce a semi-supervised prior distillation process, where an encoder-decoder-based completion network is trained by distilling the prior into the network utilizing only a small number of paired training samples. A self-supervised completion module is further introduced, excavating the value of a large number of unpaired incomplete point clouds, leading to an increase in the network's performance. Extensive experiments on several widely used datasets demonstrate that RaPD, the first semi-supervised point cloud completion method, achieves superior performance to previous methods on both homologous and heterologous scenarios.


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