RIS-aided D2D Communication Design for URLLC Packet Delivery

by   Jing Cheng, et al.

In this paper, we consider a smart factory scenario where a set of actuators receive critical control signals from an access point (AP) with reliability and low latency requirements. We investigate jointly active beamforming at the AP and passive phase shifting at the reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) for successfully delivering the control signals from the AP to the actuators within a required time duration. The transmission follows a two-stage design. In the first stage, each actuator can both receive the direct signal from AP and the reflected signal from the RIS. In the second stage, the actuators with successful reception in the first stage, relay the message through the D2D network to the actuators with failed receptions. We formulate a non-convex optimization problem where we first obtain an equivalent but more tractable form by addressing the problem with discrete indicator functions. Then, Frobenius inner product based equality is applied for decoupling the optimization variables. Further, we adopt a penalty-based approach to resolve the rank-one constraints. Finally, we deal with the ℓ_0-norm by ℓ_1-norm approximation and add an extra term ℓ_1-ℓ_2 for sparsity. Numerical results reveal that the proposed two-stage RIS-aided D2D communication protocol is effective for enabling reliable communication with latency requirements.


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