Safe Policy Improvement in Constrained Markov Decision Processes

by   Luigi Berducci, et al.

The automatic synthesis of a policy through reinforcement learning (RL) from a given set of formal requirements depends on the construction of a reward signal and consists of the iterative application of many policy-improvement steps. The synthesis algorithm has to balance target, safety, and comfort requirements in a single objective and to guarantee that the policy improvement does not increase the number of safety-requirements violations, especially for safety-critical applications. In this work, we present a solution to the synthesis problem by solving its two main challenges: reward-shaping from a set of formal requirements and safe policy update. For the former, we propose an automatic reward-shaping procedure, defining a scalar reward signal compliant with the task specification. For the latter, we introduce an algorithm ensuring that the policy is improved in a safe fashion with high-confidence guarantees. We also discuss the adoption of a model-based RL algorithm to efficiently use the collected data and train a model-free agent on the predicted trajectories, where the safety violation does not have the same impact as in the real world. Finally, we demonstrate in standard control benchmarks that the resulting learning procedure is effective and robust even under heavy perturbations of the hyperparameters.


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